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Before contacting the staff at Senior Service, please view our Frequently Asked Questions below to solve your queries. Please note that we do not provide users with advice, couselling, nor do we assist users in their searches. Please see the FAQ below for help. Thanks and best of luck in finding a the perfect retirement facility.  Click a question to view the answer.

How do I find an appropriate retirement place on this website?

Our website uses a very user-friendly search tool. You can search for a retirement facility by Province, City, Suburb and type of facility. You may also search our “Available Accommodation” section. Simply select your preferred type of facility and click the ‘Search’ button.

Does Senior Service own the retirement places which are listed on this website?

Senior Service does not own the facilities listed on this website. We are a directory service with a user-friendly search tool to help you find your ideal retirement place.If you would like to find or contact a facility, please find its contact details using our search function and then contact them directly.

Can Senior Service contact a retirement place on my behalf?

Senior Service is a directory service only and does not mediate between users of the website and retirement places. Please contact facilities/companies directly by finding their contact details (using our search function).

Why do some listings have so little information?

Some retirement facilities opt to subscribe to the Senior Service website and present greater amount of information about their facilities. Others do not subscribe. For these, only basic information is available. However, should you discover that a listing has incorrect information, please notify us of the error and we will update our database. On the front page of this website we have featured all the facilities for which we have detailed information. Click on the picture to obtain all contact details.

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